1. Weston Booster Club Bylaws

  2. Adopted by the Executive Committee of the Weston Booster Club on July 6, 2009.

  1. Article 1: Name and Objectives
    1. Section 1.1: Name
      1. The name of the organization will be Weston Booster Club

    2. Section 1.2: Objectives
      • To promote parental support of the activities affecting the welfare and education of students
      • To supply parental and educational support and to enhance school spirit by sponsoring extracurricular activities
      • To financially assist all recognized student programs and activities
      • To provide a scholarship for a qualified graduating senior each year -see scholarship form

  2. Article 2: Policies
    1. Section 2.1:
      1. The programs of the Weston Booster Club shall be educational, fund raising, or social, and shall be developed by the Executive Committee.

    2. Section 2.2:
      1. The Weston Booster Club may not seek to direct the administrative activities of the school or to control its policies.

    3. Section 2.3:
      1. The Weston Booster Club will adhere to and follow all rules, policies, and regulations placed upon it by the Weston School District and the State of WI.

  3. Article 3: Membership
    1. Section 3.1 2.4:
      1. Membership in The Weston Booster Club shall be open to is an organization that accepts volunteer work from parents, teachers, and staff students and community members of the Weston School District and persons interested in the objectives of the organization.

    2. Section 3.2:
      1. The membership year will begin September 1st and last thru August 31st. All memberships shall include immediate household members.

    3. Section 3.3:
      1. Payment of dues shall be a condition of membership. A one year or lifetime memberships are available. Dues for the next school year will be determined by the Executive Committee no later than the last regular Weston Booster Club meeting of the current school year.

  4. Article 4: Meetings and Operating Year
    1. Section 4.1:
      1. The number, dates, time, and place of meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee. There shall be no less than 7 regular meetings a year. The date, time, and place of the meetings will be posted on the school Weston Booster Club website. and printed in the school newsletter.

    2. Section 4.2:
      1. All Weston Booster Club Meetings are open to Weston Booster Club members the public.

    3. Section 4.3: Conduct of Meetings:
      1. The order of business at all meetings of the Weston Booster Club shall be as follows:
        1. Roll call of officers
        2. Reading of minutes by Secretary
        3. Report of treasury status by Treasurer
        4. Public input / Reading of correspondence
        5. Unfinished business
        6. New business
        7. Adjournment

    4. Section 4.4: Voting:
      1. The Executive Committee members at the meeting shall constitute a quorum. Motions shall be carried by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Quorum shall consist of no less than 5 Executive Committee members in order to vote on matters of business.

    5. Section 4.5: Operating Year:
      1. The fiscal year of the organization shall begin on September 1st and end on August 31st. The administrative year of the organization shall begin on the day of the last membership meeting of the current year and end on the last membership meeting of the succeeding school year.

  5. Article 5: Executive Committee
    1. Section 5.1:
      1. The Executive Committee will consist of seven members; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three member-at-large. All positions are one two year terms.

    2. Section 5.2: Duties of the Officers:

      1. President:
        • Supervise and control the business affairs of the organization.
        • Facilitate meetings.
        • Prepare and distribute agenda for meetings.
        • Cosign checks with the Treasurer.

      2. Vice-President:
        • Assist the President.
        • Perform the duties of the President in their absence.

      3. Secretary:
        • Keep the minutes and records of all of the meetings of the Weston Booster Club and other official business of the organization, including a list of members in attendance.
        • Have on hand, for reference at each meeting, a copy of the bylaws, the agenda prepared for each meeting, the minutes of the previous meetings, and a list of duties, events, and projects of the Weston Booster Club.

      4. Treasurer:
        • Receive all monies of the Weston Booster Club.
        • Keep an accurate record of all disbursement requests, receipts, and expenditures.
        • Pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the Executive Committee, with the provision that all checks must be cosigned by the President.
        • Present a financial statement at each Weston Booster Club meeting.
        • Ensure that all organization funds are maintained in a bank or savings and loan associated insured deposit account as directed by the Executive Committee.

    3. Section 5.3: Election of Officers
      1. Each July meeting, new officers will be elected by the members present.

  6. Article 6: Amendments
    1. Section 6.1:
      1. These Bylaws may be amended or repealed by the members at any regular meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose, provided that the notice of any such meeting shall state that the purpose or one of the purposes of such meeting is to consider a proposed amendment to these Bylaws accompanied by a copy or summary of the proposed amendment or state the general nature of the amendment. Any proposed amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the voting members present.

  7. Article 7: Severability / Dissolution
    1. Section 7.1:
      1. If any provision of these Bylaws is found, in any action, suit, or proceedings, to be invalid or ineffective, the validity and the effect of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In the event that the Weston Booster Club is dissolved, all of its assets shall be distributed in accordance with the decisions or plan made by the previous year's Executive Committee.