Projects Supported by the Weston Booster Club

 Item $ Amount
 Football Posters$151.61
 Donation to Weston High School$2,000.00
 Football Cookout & White Mound Campout$83.00
 Medallion Hunt - Sophomore Class$50.00
 Wrestling Cheerleader Shirts$234.00
 Wrestling Cheerleader Uniforms$468.22
 Strength & Conditioning Equipment$405.00
 Baseball Equipment$520.00
 Baseball Equipment$680.00
 Bowling Participation Prize - Sophomore Class$250.00
 Medallion Hunt - Senior Class$50.00
 Donation for Padded Sports Chairs$1,150.00
 Football Picnic$181.05
 Donattion to Weston Football$3,818.95
 Caz Celebration Softball Team Sponsorship$120.00
 Donation to Caz Park Fund$1,000.00
 Middle School Track and Field$780.00
 Weston High School - New Basketballs$585.00
 Weston Football Totes & Youth Night T-Shirts$757.37
 Meadallion Hunt - Junior Class$50.00
 Bowling Participation Prize - Junior Class$250.00
 Popcorn Machine Service & Repair$374.43
 Volleyball Uniforms$409.16
 Football Cheerleading$324.24
 Donation for Tote Storage$431.74
 Football Shoulder Pad Rack$229.87
 Donation to Caz Park Fund$500.00
 Weight Room Bars$600.00
 Medallion Hunt - Sophomore Class$50.00
 Weston Football 7-on-7 Camp$100.00
 New Baseball Bats$600.00
 HD Video Camera$1,884.68
 Weight Lifting Equipment$196.95
TOTAL = $19,285.27

 Conference Banners
 Silver Eagles Spirit Flag
 Silver Wolves Spirit Flag